Experienced Homicide Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia

Are you looking for an experienced homicide defense lawyer in Philadelphia?  Lauren Wimmer worked with the Judges in Philadelphia’s homicide court before becoming a defense attorney.  This experience provides unique insight into the types of arguments which are most likely to succeed in a criminal homicide case, as well as how to identify the holes in the prosecution’s case. An experienced homicide defense lawyer in Philadelphia can have a substantial impact on the outcome in your case.  Prosecutors tend to file the most severe criminal homicide charges possible.  First degree murder charges require the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the homicide was committed with the “specific intent to kill.”  Second degree homicides occur during the commission of a felony.  Those charged with second degree murder can include not only the person who committed the murder, but any co-conspirators or accomplices who participated in or assisted with any aspect of the crime.

Aggressive Defense of Philadelphia Felony Burglary Charges

Those who are accused of burglary in Pennsylvania face serious charges with severe penalties.  Lauren Wimmer raises an aggressive defense of Philadelphia felony burglary charges and works to reduce the seriousness of the actual charges you face as well as the associated consequences. Burglary is actually a complex crime as the prosecutor must prove a person entered a property without the permission or consent of the owner (known as trespassing) with the intention of committing a crime.  If a person breaks into a residence and the homeowners or legal occupants are at home, the prosecution will seek first degree felony burglary charges.  The possession of “burglary tools” or a firearm can increase the severity of the charges and resulting penalties. If the building in question is not a residence and is considered to be vacant at the time of the alleged crime it may be possible to g

Vicodin or OxyContin Possession Charges

Vicodin or OxyContin Possession charges are quite serious in Philadelphia.  The illegal possession of prescription narcotics and other Schedule I and Schedule II drugs exposes a person to a prison sentence and the potential for exceptionally high fines.  The prosecutor must prove the accused knowingly and purposefully possessed Vicodin, Oxycontin or any controlled substance without a valid prescription, understands the drug to be an illegal controlled substance and was apprehended with actual possession of or “constructive control” over the medications beyond a reasonable doubt. OxyContin is one of the brand names of Oxycodone, a powerful narcotic pain medication.  It is known to be addictive and is also sold under the brand names of Percodan and Percocet.  Vicodin is also an opioid pain medication (Hydrocodone) blended with paracetamol (acetaminophen).  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports overdose deaths due to opioids such as Oxycodone and Hydro

Defending Simple Assault Charges in Philadelphia

Defending simple assault charges in Philadelphia involves a lot more than a question of whether or not a “bodily injury” occurred, or what the accused intended to happen.  The prosecution must prove the accused intended to cause bodily injury (whether or not they succeeded) “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Lauren Wimmer works to undermine the theories and evidence of the prosecutor while defending simple assault charges in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Bodily injury is generally defined as the “impairment of physical condition or substantial pain” or the intent to inflict it.  Bodily injury might include a broken finger, serious bruising or a cut which heals without a visible scar.  One of the primary aspects of bodily injury versus “serious bodily injury” is permanence.  If the injury or pain is not considered to result in permanent damage or disfigurement it will usually be classified as bodily in

Kidnapping is a Serious Crime in Philadelphia

Kidnapping is a serious crime in Philadelphia and prosecutors will seek severe consequences for those convicted of kidnapping.  Kidnapping is often misunderstood as an armed assault to take someone against their will and hold them for ransom.  In many cases, kidnapping occurs when a parent of a child takes the child out of the area without legal custody or attempts to conceal their location from the other parent.  In other cases, the alleged behavior is associated with political motivations, such as interfering with the actions or functions of a public official.  It can involve allegations of luring a child or unlawful restraint. In any case, kidnapping is a serious crime in Philadelphia which is charged in cases where one person took another a significant distance from where they were or confined them in an isolated place for an extended period of

Harassment and Stalking Charges are More Serious Than You Might Believe

If you or someone you love is charged with stalking or harassment you need to take immediate action and contact Wimmer Criminal Defense.  Harassment and stalking charges are more serious than you might believe and carry significant consequences which not only threaten your liberty, but will impact many aspects of the quality of your life. Anyone convicted of harassment or stalking charges face the potential of a prison sentence, as well as heavy fines, probation and a permanent criminal record.  The nature of these charges and the presence of a criminal record will have an impact on the rest of their life, from job applications to housing options and even the ability to obtain a loan or the credit to purchase a car or furnishings for your home. Harassment and stalking are two separate charges.  These charges are based upon circumstan

Achieving Successful Results in a Philadelphia Homicide Case

Homicide charges can carry the most severe consequences specified by Pennsylvania law.  If you are accused of murder you need an attorney with a proven record of achieving successful results in a Philadelphia homicide case to level the playing field and achieve a better outcome in your case.  Wimmer Criminal Defense aggressively defends those accused of criminal homicide or murder in Philadelphia.  We work to reduce the charges you actually face as well as the associated consequences. Lauren Wimmer worked alongside prosecutors and Philadelphia judges in Philadelphia’s homicide court for years.  This experience provides valuable insight in her work as a criminal defense attorney.  She understands the strategies of the prosecution and how to find the holes in their case and the underlying evi

What is Considered to be Third Degree Murder in Philadelphia

When would a person be accused of a criminal homicide or a third degree murder in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania?  Homicides are divided into various categories which are associated the circumstances surrounding the events associated with the loss of life.  Sentencing guidelines and consequences reflect the nature and severity of the murder itself.  In a first degree murder the prosecution must show premeditation or the “specific intent” to kill the victim.  Second degree murder is usually charged when a homicide occurs during the commission of a felony.  When a homicide is not premeditated and does not occur during a felony, the prosecutor will often attempt to char

A Homicide Which Occurs During a Felony is Considered to be a Second Degree Murder

A homicide which occurs during a felony will almost always result in criminal homicide charges of second degree murder.  A person accused of second degree murder may not have planned to commit a homicide during the commission of a felony such as robbery, kidnapping, rape or arson.  However, when a homicide occurs during the course of a felony, the person who is charged with the homicide as well as any accomplices or co-conspirators will face second degree murder charges. The prosecution in Philadelphia is very aggressive in pursuing all those who were associated wi

Facing Accusations of Fraud in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s law enforcement and prosecutors have been more aggressively pursuing fraud charges and any allegation of theft by deception.  If you are facing accusations of fraud in Philadelphia you need a proven, aggressive defense attorney will mount a successful defense and work to keep you out of prison. Theft offenses can be quite serious in and of themselves.  When you add the element of deception or the intention to defraud another party the consequences become even more severe.  There are many forms of fraud associated with transactions between individuals or those which occur in a business setting.  In some cases, accusations of fraud in Philadelphia arise out of an attempt to falsify documentation or records in an attempt to gain some type of insurance or government re