Defending Drug Charges and PWID in Philadelphia

Possession With Intent to Deliver or PWID covers a wide range of drug related charges under Pennsylvania law.  If you are looking for a skilled attorney with experience defending drug charges and PWID in Philadelphia, we invite you to contact us or call (215) 712-1212 for a free consultation today. PWID encompasses three primary drug offenses:Drug Manufacture Drug Delivery Possession of drugs with the intent to deliver (delivery includes passing or delivering drugs to another person, even if no money was exchanged or no “transaction” occurred)Philadelphia police and other law enforcement agencies are looking for a combination of what they consider to be large amounts of drugs accompanied by other “criminal tools” including a substantial amount of cash, multiple cell phones or electronic communication devices, scales, baggies or foil (packaging) and other paraphernalia.    Heroin, cocaine, opium, methamphetamines, Oxycontin or Oxycodone, Percocet, and mushroom

Defending Burglary and Robbery Charges Throughout Philadelphia

If you face theft-related charges you need an attorney with extensive skill and experience defending burglary and robbery charges throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area.  You may not have realized that it was possible to be charged with burglary if nothing was reportedly stolen.  Pennsylvania law allows prosecutors to seek a burglary conviction if one enters a structure with the intent to commit any crime.  The circumstances to do not require the presence of theft.  Burglary offenses are a serious felony in Pennsylvania.  The charges and resulting consequences increase if anyone was inside the structure or if the building in question was a residence. Robbery is charged whenever force, the threat of force, or a weapon are involved in a theft.  Robbery is also charged when a serious bodily injury o

Defending Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault in Philadelphia

Defending simple assault or aggravated assault in Philadelphia requires a skilled and experienced defense attorney.  Lauren Wimmer aggressively defends those charged with assault in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.  Assault is one of the most common offenses in Pennsylvania.  These crimes also carry stiff consequences, even for first offenders. Prosecutors will often press for a serious felony conviction when the facts, evidence, and circumstances suggest otherwise.  Assault may be charged even if no one was physically harmed.  The threat to cause physical harm to another or the brandishing of a knife, gun or other weapon is enough to warrant assault charges in Pennsylvania.  There is a big difference between “charges” and a “conviction.”  As an experienced Philadelphia assault attorney, Lauren Wimmer fights aggressively for her clients at every step in the process.  She works to get the charges agai

Murder Charges Require a Skilled Philadelphia Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love faces murder charges in Philadelphia it is important to contact Wimmer Criminal Defense immediately for a free consultation at 215-712-1212.  Murder charges require a skilled Philadelphia defense attorney in order to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.  Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, Lauren Wimmer served as a clerk for a Philadelphia homicide judge.  She knows the successful murder defense strategies which can save your life or reduce the consequences you may ultimately face. Defending murder offenses requires extensive legal skill and expertise.  Those who face murder or homicide-related charges not only face severe consequences, but some of the most experienced and aggressive Philadelphia prosecutors.  Lauren Wimmer will challenge the prosecution at every step.  She r

Fighting Assault Charges in Philadelphia

It is not unusual for a person to find themselves fighting assault charges in Philadelphia after a situation has gotten out of hand.  It may have started as a bar fight or confrontation where punches are thrown.  There may have been an argument which quickly escalated.  Even a simple threat to seriously injure another can result in having to face serious assault charges which carry severe consequences. If you are facing a simple assault charge, aggravated assault charge, or terroristic threat charge in Philadelphia, you need the aggressive representation of Wimmer Criminal Defense.  Lauren Wimmer fights for you at every step in the process, seeking the dismissal of your case or at least a substantial reduction in the charges and consequences you will face. In many cases law enforcement may attempt to add elements such as “serious bodily

Drug Trafficking and Intent to Deliver Charges in Philadelphia

Drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philadelphia carry much more serious consequences than other drug-related offenses.  Law enforcement tends to make every attempt to file the most serious charges possible in these cases, even when the evidence or circumstances may not seem to warrant them.  There is a lot I can do to protect those who face drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philly. The burden of proof on law enforcement in these cases is much higher, and I fight them at every step of the way.  Even if a person is caught with a large quantity of drugs, cash and paraphernalia it does not legally follow that their intent was to deliver the drugs.  There is no quantity of drugs which automatically establishes the intent to deliver threshold.  The police will attempt to link other evide

If You are a Suspect in a Murder or Homicide in Philadelphia You Need a Strong Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you a suspect in a murder or homicide in Philadelphia?  Are you under investigation by police or detectives?  You need to contact attorney Lauren Wimmer before speaking with law enforcement.  Detectives investigating a homicide rely upon interviews with suspects to build their cases and provide key evidence to support a criminal conviction.  As your attorney, I can help to protect you during these conversations and ensure that the police are held to the highest legal standards regarding their questioning and process.  I can help to protect your rights and ensure that their skilled tactics don’t lead to the disclosure of information which will be used against you. Murder and homicide charges in Philadelphia carry the most serious of consequences.  Your life and your freedom are a

Should I Talk to a Philadelphia Police Officer or Detective Who Wants to Talk to me?

As a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney I am often asked "Should I talk to a Philadelphia police officer or detective who wants to talk to me?"  I think it is important to begin with this thought: Police and detectives deserve respect and courtesy.  Don’t be rude, be respectful.   The answer to the question of whether you should speak with the police or a detective who contacts you is flat out NO. I want to be clear about this: you do not have to call or speak with the police officer or detective who contacted you.  It doesn’t matter if it was a small theft or assault, a drug case or a

Shoplifting in Philadelphia Can Result in a Long Term Criminal Record

Most people don't understand shoplifting in Philadelphia can result in a long term criminal record.  If you have been accused of shoplifting legally known as “retail theft” in Philadelphia you are in all likelihood facing misdemeanor theft charges.  If the value of the goods allegedly taken exceed $2,100, involve a vehicle or firearm, or this isn’t your first or second offense you will face more serious felony charges.  It is important that you understand you have the right to remain silent.  Follow the instructions of the arresting officer but do not talk about anything that happened or profess your innocence.  When you are being questioned simply tell them “I want to speak to my lawyer,” and call me immediately for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. While shoplifting or retail theft is one of the most common crimes throughout Pennsylvania, many people simply

How About a Little Hope for a Monday Morning?  Criminal Charges Are Not a Game Ender

Criminal charges are not a game ender in Philadelphia.  If you are facing criminal charges because of a DUI or fight or some other event that happened this weekend you may be really worried about what is going to happen to you and how much it’s going to cost.  My first advice is: take a breath.  Philadelphia courts take a while to work through a criminal case, and there is a lot I can do to help you and affect what happens at each step along the way. Call me right now for a free consultation at 215-712-1212.  We will discuss what has happened and how cases like yours are typically handled.  My clients usually feel much better after speaking with me and have peace of mind knowing what to expect, how the process works and genuine