Meth Possession in Philadelphia

Possession of methamphetamine is a serious crime that can result in significant legal and collateral consequences. In fact, you can go to jail even after your first offense. After a conviction, you may also experience significant personal and professional problems. Fortunately, you can protect your rights and your future by retaining an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. An attorney can review your case and determine whether any legal defenses apply. In addition, a lawyer can work to negotiate a favorable plea bargain if you choose to pursue one. All Meth Convictions Carry Possible Jail Sentences Crystal methamphetamine is a Schedule II substance under the Controlled Substance Act. Even though first-time possession of small amounts of meth seems like a minor offense, jail time is still a possibility even if you are not charged with distribution or manufacturing. If you are charged with possession under two grams of meth, the punishment for this mi

Can you Trust Internal Investigations of Police in Philadelphia?

As the face and backbone of law enforcement, police in Philadelphia are given immense powers to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Police powers include the authority to arrest and search your person and your property after arrest. Where circumstances warrant, police even have the authority to use deadly force against you. Following the orders of a police officer is something many of us learn from childhood and apply throughout the rest of our lives. That deference presumes that people in positions of power like police officers will use their immense powers appropriately. As has been documented over the years, however, abuse or misuse of police powers by some officers continues to be a problem that at times causes nationwide protests. The abuse or misuse of police powers is caused by several fa

Beating Drug Charges in Philadelphia

If you have been charged with possession of drugs in Philadelphia or possession with the intent to deliver drugs, also known as PWID, you need a criminal defense lawyer who has experience fighting cases where police claim to have observed the alleged sale or sales, conducted surveillance operations, stings, controlled purchases using a Confidential Informant or “CI”, and illegal searches and seizures of your person or property. If members of the Philadelphia Police Department or other police unit search your car without a warrant, you’ll want to hire a lawyer who knows how to fight your charges with a motion to suppress. Wimmer Criminal Defense Law is ready to win for you. Drug charges like PWID can leave a lasting impression on your record, preventing you from gaining employment or housing even if you have simply been arrested and not convicted. At Wimmer Criminal Defense Law, we have successfully beat dr

What Are the Collateral Consequences of a Pennsylvania Drug Conviction?

A drug conviction can result in significant immediate legal penalties as well as consequences that may not materialize for months or even years. The immediate consequences of a drug conviction often include a term of imprisonment, hefty fines, and a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life. The long-term consequences of a drug conviction - also known as collateral consequences -  often include a negative impact on your ability to find employment, take out federal loans, attend school, locate housing, and other potential issues. If you’re facing drug-related charges in Philadelphia, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney like Lauren A. Wimmer to protect your rights. Hiring an experienced drug defense attorney can increase the chances that y

What to Ask Your Philadelphia DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense that can impact every aspect of your life. A conviction can result in a license suspension, hefty fines, and may affect your ability to get certain jobs. When you've been charged with a DUI, you should contact a DUI defense lawyer right away to increase your chances of getting the DUI charged dropped or lessened. A DUI lawyer can examine your arrest and possibly find issues that would lead to you winning your case. Before you hire a lawyer to defend you in a DUI case, there are several questions you should ask him or her to determine if the attorney is a good match for you and your needs. What is Your Experience in Fighting DUI Charges? While

Is Teen Sexting Child Pornography?

With the proliferation of digital cameras and the ability to share photographs in an instant, many people – including teenagers – have started sharing images of themselves with others as part of courtship or dating. When teens share images of themselves with others, are they engaging in the creation and distribution of child pornography? As is often the case with legal questions, the answer is that "it depends." Many states, including Pennsylvania, have carved out exceptions for teen sexting. Furthermore, while teen sexting may be illegal under federal law in some cases, it seems that federal prosecutors are using their discretion in determining whether deciding whether to pursue serious child pornography charges against teenage sweethearts. Child Pornography Laws Possessing, producing, and/or distributing c

How Do I Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia?

A criminal defense lawyer specializes in criminal law and fighting for your freedom while also protecting your constitutional rights when you are accused of a crime. They help you to understand the legal process while working to get your case dismissed, an acquittal at trial, or a favorable plea bargain. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important things you can do when you are accused of a crime. Hiring a knowledgeable lawyer with experience winning criminal cases in a courtroom can result in your freedom or receiving a reduced sentence. Criminal defense lawyer Lauren Wimmer has extensive experience in the courtroom defending those who have been charged with misdemeanors and felonies. She has years of experience in the criminal justice system and will work to get charges reduced, block evidence, keep you out of jail while awaiting trial, and beat your case.

Philadelphia Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

When a juvenile, or someone under the age of 18, is charged with a crime, the emotional impact upon the families of the minor can be devastating. Parents may feel they are no longer able to raise their children without the Juvenile Justice System invading their privacy and parental rights. Additionally, parents and children face the very real possibility that the minor could be removed from the home and placed in a delinquency center. Having a juvenile criminal record may also impact the minor's future when applying for colleges and jobs. If a juvenile is arrested in Philadelphia, they have the exact same rights as an adult has at the time of arrest. The juvenile has the right to a lawyer, to remain silent, to notice of the charges, and, if the case proceeds to trial, to confront and cross-examine the witnesses in front of the judge. Police cannot speak to the juvenile without permission from their guardian. If

What Is a Nebbia Order?

Nebbia Orders When a defendant commits a crime (especially felonies involving weapons, violent crimes, and drug trafficking), the bail commissioner will likely set a high bail, making it difficult for the defendant to pay the required amount to be released from pre-trial incarceration. A criminal defense attorney can work to reduce the defendant's bail to allow them to fight their case from outside jail. However, there are times when the court places a type of restriction on bail, even where the defendant can post bail. One type of restriction often ordered in Philadelphia when the person is charged with drug offenses and large amounts of money or narcotics are recovered is called a Nebbia Order. If you or your loved one are awaiting trial in jail because the court imposed a Nebbia Order, contact a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to figure out how to get the Nebbia Order removed.

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer for Arraignment in Philadelphia?

When you are arrested for a crime in Philadelphia, there are two court appearances you will attend. The preliminary arraignment is held shortly after your arrest, and the formal arraignment is held after the preliminary hearing if you are charged with a felony offense and the preliminary hearing judge finds that the Commonwealth has made out a prime facie case. You may also be formally arraigned just before your trial in Municipal Court if you are charged with a misdemeanor. It is important to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia before your preliminary arraignment so that you have the best chance at the lowest bail possible following your arrest and processing so that you can fight your criminal charges from the street. A criminal defense lawyer is important for formal arraignment as they can waive your presence at the hearing making your attendance at the arraignment unnecessary.